2020 is almost over!!!

I sure hope everyone had a great Christmas and lets hope 2021 brings us all something…anything better then 2020 gave us.

This Christmas was a bit different. My wife and I decided to stay at home and safe, just the two of us, and the animals, Daisy, Annie, Sugar (the dogs) and Baxter (our bad boy cat that yells for food all day)
This past year I stayed very busy setting up for on-line lessons, clinics, master classes to start next year and also shooting educational videos and a few entertaining videos (I hope). The learning curve was big, but I’ve always been a tech geek so I had a blast learning it all..
I will be posting new videos soon on my website and you guys are welcome to submit ideas of what you would like to see in a video. Anything is game really… learning about drums, drum education, music business or tech questions related to music.
So for now, everyone please have a safe and Happy New Years Eve and let’s kick 2020 to the curb. See you soon.and Happy New Years…Guy