2021 Update and new videos added today

HEY EVERYONE…welcome to the new year. I hope you’ll had a great New Years Eve. We kept it simple this year, just the wife and I and our Dachshunds, Annie, Daisy, Sugar and Baxter the Cat. At midnight it was a howl fest as all of the dogs were barking at the fireworks…it was hilarious!!!

I have added 3 new videos. 2 short Tips & Tricks videos, one is how to play a 2 over 3 poly groove and count both sides, and the other is on using the weaker hand to reverse a paradiddle groove. Also I had fun doing a drum cover of Van Halen Right Now. It’s a tricky song because just about everything in the song starts on the “E”, the intro and a lot of the turn arounds in the verse. Clever and fun to play.

I have a lot planned in 2021, Master Classes, interviews, gigs with ZEBRA, hopefully I will finish my new drum instructional book…and I am now accepting students for drum lessons. I have about 6 spots open on Fridays and Saturdays. Email me at guygelso@gmail.com if you are interested.

Take care and be safe everyone and I will be back soon with more videos and fun stuff…Thanks Guy