2022 is almost over…On to 2023

Hey guys…hope everybody is doing fantastic!!

Well it has been a very busy year.

Lots of ZEBRA shows, just finished a 4 day run in the North East to sold out shows, (yes, I am bragging). I have kept busy all year teaching from my video studio, and shooting educational / entertainment videos, which for me has become a very exciting creative outlet to play and develop as a drummer & semi-filmmaker (and I use that term loosely). I have been doing song breakdowns, and bio’s on my favorite drummers, basically my life in drums…and your response to them has been overwhelming…thank you for that. I have so many ideas on the books to do now, that I could live in my studio…and I know this because my beautiful wife Barbara tells me, every day, I never leave the studio, and the list of things to do around the house is getting very long. Don’t forget to check out the video section here or at my YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/guygelso

ZEBRA is now off for 2 months and we will pick back 2nd week in Feb on the ROCK LEGEND CRUISE. Cant wait, because a great band that is on my bucket list to see for many years, is on the cruise…DEEP PURPLE…YES!! Also 2023 is the 40 anniversary of our debut album and we plan on being very busy touring and playing the complete 1st album in the song order off the record, so we hope to see all of you at shows in your area. To close…everyone have a great and safe Holiday Season, hit some drums, even if your a dang guitar player, and hope to see you soon…Practice Hard & Keep It Simple…Guy